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Over twenty years ago, GOFF Tents entered the national market as a tent manufacturer. We are represented by hundreds of companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our goal today is the same as it was back then, to make better tent products for a better price.


With over 30 years experience in the rental industry, we have always been the kind of company that asked why there couldn’t be a better or easier way to do things. After putting up tents made by the largest, smallest, cheapest and most expensive tent companies in America, I believe that we have found the common denominator of what a good tent should be.


I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished at GOFF Tents. I really believe that what has sold more tents for us is the fact that we take time to answer people honestly and knowledgeably. When you call GOFF, you will speak with someone who knows how tents are made and how they should be put up. Our clients have become family over the years. We listen to their ideas and suggestions.


We do things differently here at GOFF Tents. We really do want to be your tent company.  To learn more about our manufacturing division please visit or click the image below.

Goff Tents is a national manufacture of party rental tents, custom awnings and enclosures.  We also repair and service tent tops and walls from all manufacturers. 

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