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Farm-to-Table Wedding Themes

From restaurants to weddings, farm-to-table is in these days and it’s easy to see why. The farm offers endless inspiration for everything from wedding colors to natural/rustic themes. Especially as we transition into fall here in Kentucky, the farm-to-table theme is an easy way to bring the beauty of nature into your big day. We’re sharing some fun ways to add a little country to your festivities.

Between your ceremony and reception, serve your favorite meats, cheeses, bread and fresh fruit on wooden trays. Work with local vendors and use mini-place cards to showcase what’s on the board and where it’s from.

Spice up your centerpieces with some fresh fruit and veggies. Work with your florist to incorporate even more vibrant colors from papayas and oranges in combination with your traditional bouquets. Guests will love the surprisingly sweet scents – just make sure to keep them fresh and covered until right before the event!

Who doesn’t love a rustic wedding? Reclaimed wood tables bring a cozy, down-home feel to your wedding day. Goff Tents and Events has a great selection of farm tables.

Fresh food is the way to go. Utilizing fruits and vegetables that are in their peak season will not only result in an even more delicious menu but will also impress your guests. Get in touch with local farmers to get their input on what items will be best to serve either for dinner or during cocktail hour. Your caterer will also have these answers.

Who would have thought that fresh fruit could be useful and delicious! Use freshly picked apples or peaches to lead guests to their hand-pick seats. Tie a name tag to the stem of the apple or place it perfectly on top of the peach. The best part? Guests have a healthy snack to enjoy! (Just be sure to inquire about any food allergies)

It doesn’t get more farm-to-table than home-grown jam. Send your guests home with a jar (or two) of delicious, local jam to enjoy and remember your special day by.

Really commit to the Farmers’ Market theme with fresh produce, a butcher’s block and striped kitchen linen runners. Accent your tables with freshly picked wildflowers, ferns, fruit and colorful produce.

Give your guests a hint of your theme by sending out linen napkins as your Save The Date. Because of the weight of the napkin, this could get expensive so you might want to limit this to just the wedding party. Goff Tents and Events have everything that you will need to make your farm wedding a reality.


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