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What You Need for a Band at Weddings

In this article, Goff Tents & Events – conveniently located in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY) – is here to tell you about everything you’ll need if you’re having a band at your wedding. Contact us today for all of your wedding and event rental needs.

Bands can set a completely different mood than a DJ, and many people who are planning weddings much prefer this more personal vibe for their entertainment. While DJs are a great option, bands make for a unique reception experience that will make your wedding more memorable for your guests. If you think that a DJ isn’t quite your style and you want to have a live band at your wedding, there are a few things you need to consider and plan to ensure you are satisfied with your wedding day entertainment. At Goff Tents & Events located in Nicholasville, Kentucky, we want to help make sure your wedding runs smoothly and show you what you’ll need to have a band at your wedding.

Music Choices

Think about the vibe you want your wedding and reception to have. The type of music you choose for your reception will make the biggest impact on the atmosphere. The tone set by the music is something your guests will definitely remember, so it is important that you choose music that meets your expectations.

If you want your reception to be a party with current top hits, a band might have difficulty meeting those needs. If you prefer fun, classic wedding songs or a music genre that is suited to live arrangements, then a band could be the perfect choice. If you have a band in mind for your wedding, talk to them in person about music options and go see them play live. Seeing the band perform live will give you a better idea of how your reception will feel and the band’s energy when they’re performing.

Venue Requirements

The space of your venue will also determine if a band or DJ is the best choice for your wedding. A DJ will require less floor space to operate but will still need a level area of flooring that will likely be set up with speakers and the DJ booth. If you are working with a smaller venue, this may be your best option.

If you think you have enough room to house a live band, consider how large the band is and remember that they will likely need more room than expected for instruments and performance or possibly the addition of a stage piece. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may be able to accommodate something larger because you can add additional flooring areas, a stage, adjust your tent size, and add extra lighting to include extra space for a band.

Whatever you decide for your wedding music choice, the wedding, party, and event experts at Goff Tents & Events can help you plan for the perfect day. At Goff Tents & Events, serving all of Central Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky, including Lexington, KY, we can help you accommodate any band of your choosing. Whether it involves renting a separate smaller tent and stage or adding a separate flooring area for the band to perform in the main tent, we can help you determine what you will need. Make sure your special day is perfect and contact the experts at Goff Tents & Events for all your outdoor wedding rental needs.


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