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Why You Should Consider Bar Rental for Events

When setting up an event, there are many different details that you have to consider. However, one thing that almost any guest will tell you is the most important aspects of a party or event is the bar. While you also have to deal with seating, dancing, entertainment, and food, if all of your guests have access to drinks, they will likely be pretty content. We are here to tell you why you should consider bar rental for events in Lexington, Kentucky.

Events, especially ones where not everyone knows everyone else, can be awkward, so it’s nice for guests to be able to have something, like food or a drink, in their hands. Not only will guests be thrilled to have access to alcoholic beverages, they will also be impressed at the elegance of your bar. Renting a bar for your event will surely grab your guest’s attention and bring a new style factor to the event as a whole. Renting a bar can be the final touch to really make your event and leaving guest’s talking about how great of an event it was.

Having a bar at your event make your guests much happier, but you will also have the ability to completely customize the drinks you provide. You can choose to have a full bar or limit it to beer and wine. You have tons of options, all of which will surely result in a great event. When renting, you can also choose from different size bars, depending on what you need, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying to have an average sized bar at your small event, and you won’t have to worry that a bar is too small at a large event.

Of course, it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out all of the details that go into having a bar at your event, but we are here to help you. First off, a good rule of thumb is that your guests will likely want three drinks each within the first hour and then an additional drink per hour after that. As long as you have a good estimate of how many guests are coming, this should be sufficient in calculating how much to buy. On a similar note, it is also not a bad idea to buy your liquor from a wholesaler. This will give you much cheaper prices than a liquor store, but the only downside is you can’t return unopened bottles like you can at a liquor store.

Goff Tents & Events is here to provide you with the supplies you need for your next event. Whether you just need some advice on organizing your event or you need everything from tables and chairs to lighting and dance floors, we offer everything you could possibly need for a successful event. With over thirty years of experience, we continue to provide quality service and products to our clients at affordable prices. What makes us an ideal choice for your tent needs is that we started manufacturing our own tents in 1990. This allows us to keep our prices way lower than the competitors and pass the savings we make onto our clients. We are located in Nicholasville, Kentucky and proudly serve all of Central Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky, including Lexington.


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